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Otepää tilt-shift

Otepää viewed through the tilt-shift  filter (click on the picture to see it bigger).

Whiter than White (Radian v.2.2 test)

Another prop-engine combination test. Better than the last, but I’m still not happy. Start and landing is not FPV, because was not enough space and I do not known, how the plane behaves. Unfortunately, the GoPro housing also went foggy 🙂

Radian v.2 and v.2.2

About a week ago, I crash my Radian. Nothing serious. Some grill sticks, lot of hot glue and it fly again 🙂 However I made a few changes. So, my Radian is “pusher” now. I still want to try a few more engines, but the first impression is positive. Due to pusher, is improved level …

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Here comes the snow

Moment before the snowfall. Way to work, I made a couple of laps over Valgjärve .