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Flying wing X8

Something special is coming up: big and beautiful ! flying wing X8, will be released in early 2012. Update!! The price will be 150USD,  179USD for plane with customed brushless motor, you can do a pre-order now. Wing span: 2122mm Wing area: 80dm2 valid payload: 1000-2000g check more pictures here Topic in RC Group forum

HD Pocket Camera from HobbyKing

Today HK posted the wonder camera they make so much buzz in the last month in their forums, and Bruce too promised something never seen so far. A longer discussion, and videos can be found in RCGroup

Clouds, clouds, clouds. Lots of beautiful clouds.

Cloud Busting Stealthwing by badlands

Whiter than White (Radian v.2.2 test)

Another prop-engine combination test. Better than the last, but I’m still not happy. Start and landing is not FPV, because was not enough space and I do not known, how the plane behaves. Unfortunately, the GoPro housing also went foggy 🙂