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Panoramic photo

I tried to assemble a panorama, of photos, taken yesterday 🙂 Click to enlarge!

Palupera Manor

I made this short video, to see, whether the vibration is gone. This manor was first mentioned in 1582. It has been the property of the von Duckers, von Rennenkampffs, von Samsons and the von Bruiningk’s. Today, there is a school in the wooden historicist main building, completed in 1862 (the building, was restored in …

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Village Palupera

I made this video, for my good friend Kalev request. This is village Palupera in southern Estonia. Here overall view and some of the important places of the village. Almost of this video is taken ​​in the morning at 6 o’clock 🙂 I used to fly my Radian & hexakopter