What to do with Tarot T-2D tilt vibration?

Some help to get rid of the Tarot T-2D annoying tilt vibrations. Or at least a good point to start from somewhere .. 🙂 Thanks bobbred128!

If you’re asking whether I got rid of it – yes .. or rather almost. But my gains are significantly different from what we saw in the video.

Edit: 1.5 v firmware solves all problems. http://www.tarot-rc.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=14

Tom Mottner flyng with Phantom

We’ve moved.

I moved my web page to my main domain, since the domain levi.ee was primarily related to a company engaged in offer of network services. Now, all stuff related to flying can be find in one place.

A few months i have redirecting in my old site (301). And if you can not find in the page for something that was here before, please be so kind to let me know – info [at] Skycam dot ee

Happy New Year to all!

Merry Cristmas to all!