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I am looking for a job

It seems, that the recession here will continue.  The company, to whom i did many years work, goes out of business 🙁 Therefore, it is available in a guy, who can handle the construction, maintenance and device configuration of radio links in masts. I have a experience, administering a couple of small network. I have …

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Help please!

Does anyone could tell me, where in Europe can i buy spare wings to my Multiplex Cularis!!?  I would be very grateful 🙂  

Poor weather again

But since I had the camera with me, then I made video in different way in this time. Spare time, coffee and sandwiches. This video lasts 15 minutes. My 50km trip from Põlva to Hellenurme .

Very good educational film for wood industry!

Fpv-Leif made a awesome movie in its own sawmill industries. .