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What to do with Tarot T-2D tilt vibration?

Some help to get rid of the Tarot T-2D annoying tilt vibrations. Or at least a good point to start from somewhere .. ūüôā Thanks bobbred128! If you’re asking whether I got rid of it – yes .. or rather almost.¬†But my gains are significantly different from what we saw in the video. Edit: 1.5 …

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Cheapest GoPro gimbal in market?

I think, this is currently the best offer in the market?! Tarot T-2D GoPRO 3 Brushless Camera Gimbal and ZYX22 Controller. All in one 113.18 ‚ā¨                             Discussion on this cimbal you can find here:

Flying wing X8

Something special is coming up: big and beautiful ! flying wing X8, will be released in early 2012. Update!! The price will be 150USD,  179USD for plane with customed brushless motor, you can do a pre-order now. Wing span: 2122mm Wing area: 80dm2 valid payload: 1000-2000g check more pictures here Topic in RC Group forum

Again, something new from HobbyKing

…. The HobbyKing G-OSD unit is a quick and easy way to add GPS on screen information to your¬†FPV system…. Features: GPS coordinate display, time display, airspeed display voltmeter and stopwatch RSSI receiver signal strength detection Programmable display content Supports NTSC and PAL TV signal Supports anti-glare shade control signal Supports manual calibration Specs: Weight: …

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